Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally or easily. The challenge of breastfeeding and ensuring your baby has enough nutrition can be overwhelming.

Baby Ed offers an in-home visit by Pamal, a Nurse Practitioner who is also a IBLCE Certified Lactation Consultant, to support you and your new infant. Pamal will assess mom, baby and feeding and help develop a personalized breastfeeding plan.

1-1.5 Hour In-Home Visit

  • + 15 minute follow-up phone call

Common concerns

  • Latching
  • Positioning
  • Knowing when baby is full
  • Optimizing milk supply
  • Normal weight gain
  • Pumping and hand expressing
  • Storing milk
  • Supplements and medications
  • Sore nipples/breast pain
  • Low milk supply
  • Management of mastitis and plugged ducts